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Things you must include in your wedding menu

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Is it important to contact food catering services in Dubai to arrange reception of your wedding or is it necessary to search for catering company Dubai to get best food for your wedding?

No it is not! Your wedding is not all about food. All you need is to be yourself on that day to enjoy that present moment with your newly life partner in the presence of relatives and friends.

However, you can arrange food but it is not important to contact any expensive catering company for it. You can contact any affordable company too. Keep everything within budget. 

There are so many food which you can keep in menu but there are some affordable, common and enjoyable food to add. Some of them are:

  1. Steak: Spicy and chilly steak with cold-drink is the best food you can keep on table and have with your friends after ceremony relaxingly. 
  2. Spaghetti: You can keep spaghetti too which would be served with different sauces and spices to delight the guest and your friends. Spaghetti should have small pieces of fried egg and chicken with vegetables to add flavour. 
  3. Fresh-drink: Yu can have serving of fresh juices or fresh drinks before the beginning of ceremony to make the event delightful.
  4. Biscuits: You can add homemade and freshly baked cookies and biscuits too to make the event more special and memorable. It is better to bake plain biscuits. You don’t need to bake chocolate biscuits because it is a bit formal event where there are some ceremonies. 
  5. Cheese Burgers: You can have small sized and simple cheese burgers too for each guest. It is one of the most satisfying food you can add in menu.
  6. Lobster rolls: You can have lobster rolls in your reception too which would be served with dip and ketchup to add more flavour. 
  7. French fries: a cup of few fries with ketchup and garlic ketchup can be served to each guest or attendant to make the menu different.
  8. Fried macaroni with cheese: You can serve plain and fried macaroni that would few spices with cheesy dip to let the guests have something satisfying and flavour.
  9. Mashed potatoes: A bowl of mashed potatoes for your guests with pepper and salt is something light which you serve to them to make the event less formal and more enjoyable. 
  10. Tomato and cheese soup: You can keep the typical tomato soup too on table that would be served with cheese and mint leaves to make the event seem formal and light as well. 

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